Epson - Sublimation Ink

Epson - Sublimation Ink


The sublimation ink is also called the heat transfer ink. It is manufactured by making the disperse dyes that have low energy and easy for sublimation into the digital printing ink. The digital ink is to be printed on the transfer paper.Through heating, the images can be transferred onto the various materials in a very short period of time, including delicate porcelain, metal, real silk, chemical fiber cloth etc.This sublimation ink is very suitable for customized development in the market as well as environmental protection requirements. It can be applied to garment printing, heat transfer banner with color drawing, advertising flags, souvenir of scenic spots,etc.






Sublimation Ink

Suitable printer

Suitable for printers using the Epson DX5/DX7/5113/i3200/4720 printhead.


1.The transferred image have bright colors, various gradations, high transfer efficiency as well as high stability.

2.There will be no adhesive film on the printing media. Meanwhile, the image printed with our product will not scale off or have any checks. Owing to strong light fastness, they will not fade even after a long time.

3.The sublimation ink has a complete chromatography, bright color and tinting strength.Both its color fastness and water wash degree are over 4.5 grade.The product also has smooth operation.

4.It is environmental friendly as well as free from toxics, side effects and pollution.


C M Y K LC LM 4-6 colors, can be customized special color according to the type of machine.

Temperature and technical guidance:

Optimum temperature 200-210 degrees, 30 seconds.


10-15sealed away from light for 1 year. Must use up within 6 months in winter, 3 months in summer if opening.

Packaging and storage:

Using plastic bottle, 1000ml. Store closed in the environment of 5-25dark place.

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